Adhesion machines

We have more than 25 years’ experience in processing adhesive tapes. Place your company and your adhesive tape project in experienced hands.
Adhesive system for reflective film

Adhesive system for reflective 3M film for Bicycle Spokes.

Heat-Bond Laminator

Machine for continuously adhering rubber and EPDM profiles with heat-activated 3M acrylic foam tapes (available with hot air or NIR tape activation).

Gluing lithography film

Adhesive head for adhering a running aluminium material sheet with double-sided adhesive tape. 600 mm tape head working width, 30 m/min material sheet speed. Application and cut-off on the fly.

Mechanical edge strip cutter

Development and engineering of a versatile edge strip cutting unit. For cutting a material sheet in the direction of travel in a winding machine.

Laminator waterbox profiles

Heat-bond laminator for processing heat-activated 3M acrylic foam tapes in the extrusion line. Adapted to the profile, as per customer requirements. Double unwinder with online splicer for cross-wound adhesive reels.

Twin-Line Acrylic Foam Laminator

Lamination machine for twin-line adhesion of metal profiles with two 3M acrylic foam tapes.