Adhesion devices

We have developed the following special customised small devices: Clamping fixtures, application aids for decorative films, assembly presses, a special roll-up tool, a manual tape dispenser with liner upwinder or cutting tool for acrylic and much more.
Pressing Action Audi R8

Special pressing tool for safely pressing a glued assembly to the door of the Audi R8. The pictures show how the pressing action was optimised using wet-out testing and TecScan measurement.

Pressing device NCV 3 Daimler

Pneumatic pressing device for a glued anti-jamming sensor in the door of a commercial vehicle.

Application aid for decorative films

Processing device for manual positioning and application of decorative films, e.g. on the vehicle’s B column in this case.

Mounting press

Assembly tool for press-fitting a circuit board into a housing, designed for a customer in the electronics industry.

Masking Template

3D-printed masking templates for mounting on an automobile assembly. A rubber suction cup is used for fixing.

Manual upwinder

Customised manual upwinders, some with cutting device


Our hand-heat tabber is used to manually process 3M heat-tabbing tape such as 3M #5082.

MR-2 Special version

Special version of an MR-2 roller as a reliable manual back-up solution for pressing a vehicle door seal into place.

TecScan Measurement

Together with our long-term partner, 3M, we can carry out TecScan measurements to measure the contact force in the glue joint that an assembly force exerts on the adhesive joint. The correct contact pressure is a very important parameter for component bonding.