Test equipment

Did you know that we supply a wide range of test equipment and aids for adhesive tapes and films? Here’s a small selection – please feel free to ask!
Heating press

Testing device for heat-activated adhesive tape tests. The sample is bonded to the substrate with a specified temperature and pressure for subsequent destructive material testing.

Variable-load measuring device

Device for measuring pressure-sensitive fabric hoses as a function of measuring force

RDG Rollers

For automatically rolling over adhesive samples with a specific force and in a specific amount of time, as per conventional test standards (FINAT). We carry a variety of very different roller weights with a wide range of roller surfaces such as rubberised, bare polished stainless steel and acrylic, all in a broad spectrum of weights (390g, 2kg, 6.8kg, etc.) Our devices are used by numerous manufacturers of adhesive tapes, glues, dressing materials, non-wovens and hook-and-loop closures all around the world. As a result, the device is also available in widely varying customer-specific designs.

Hand Weight Roller 2000g

Our manual, weighted rollers are for manually rolling over samples as per FINAT. The roller is moved over the sample by hand. We also carry the roller in a range of coatings and weights.

DSL connector test

Testing device for 100% testing of assembled DSL plugs. Mechanical insertion of the plugs, contacting and testing for electrical transmission.

Sample strip cutter

Preparing material samples such as films, non-wovens and adhesive tapes for material tests. The strip cutter can be used to cut out samples from the test piece in the correct width and in a single step. We can supply these sample cutters in various strip widths such as ½” , 15mm, 1″, 2″….

Test clip

The trigger clamp can be used to inspect the quality of glued attachments (e.g. trims and door seals). The glued attachment is held in place by the clamp and a force measurement device or spring balance is used to apply the minimum anticipated force.